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Here are some links to websites and resources Ofer finds helpful.


Metrics Benchmark Report: The metric benchmark report established from Ofer's dissertation research. A couple notable findings detailed in the report based on 1,851 marketing decisions reported by 606 managers include: a) listings of top 5 metrics used and top 3 metrics associated with highest performers for 10 different marketing activities; b) an increase in overall metric use is associated with higher marketing activity performance; c) a more equal ratio of marketing and financial metrics is associated with less risky marketing activity performance; d) 31% of managers making social media decisions do not use ANY FINANCIAL metrics; and e) 80% of highest performing managers and 77% of managers overall making price promotion decisions used target volume, the most of any metrics. Plus, many differences between different managerial job titles, work experience, type of ownership, industry, and country/region are exposed as well.

Metric Definitions: A compilation of metric definitions derived from 9 published papers and 3 books for each of 10 types of marketing decisions: (i) traditional advertising, (ii) internet advertising, (iii) direct to consumer, (iv) social media, (v) price promotions, (vi) pricing, (vii) new product development, (viii) sales force, (ix) distribution, and (x) PR/sponsorships.

Equidam.com: Website that provides start-up firms valuations of their firm.

Mathematical Marketing: A free, open-source textbook specifically for marketing and other related Ph.D.-level quantitative courses.

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