Ofer Mintz | Senior Lecturer of Marketing | UTS Business School | University of Technology Sydney

Research Interests:

Dr. Ofer Mintz's research focuses on four substantive topics. The first is related to marketing metrics/analytics and linking marketing with finance. The second is on marketing's role and impact on start-up firms. The third examines big data. Finally, the fourth investigates how firms should navigate through the COVID-19 new normal.

Ofer's methodological approach can best be described as an integrative attempt to amalgamate cutting edge econometric techniques which analyze unique empirical data sets with theories from marketing, finance, strategy, accounting, and behavioral decision theory to address managerially relevant issues.

Please see below or download Ofer's CV for more information.

Mintz, Ofer and Imran S. Currim (2013), “What Drives Managerial Use of Marketing and Financial Metrics and Does Metric Use Affect Performance of Marketing-Mix Activities?” Journal of Marketing, 77(2), 17-40.

Mintz, Ofer, Imran S. Currim, and Ivan Jeliazkov (2013), “Information Processing and Propensity to Buy: An Investigation of Online Point-of-Purchase Behavior.” Marketing Science, 32(5), 716-732.

Currim, Imran S., Ofer Mintz, and S. Siddarth (2015), “How Information Accessed at the Point of Purchase Impacts Inferences from Consumer Choice Models: Insights from a Durable Product E-Commerce Website.” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 29(1), 11-25.

Mintz, Ofer and Imran S. Currim (2015), “When Does Metric Use Matter Less? How Firm and Managerial Characteristics Moderate the Relationship between Metric Use and Marketing Mix Performance.” European Journal of Marketing, 49(11/12), 1809-1856.

Gilbride, Timothy J., Imran S. Currim, Ofer Mintz, and S. Siddarth (2016), “A Model for Inferring Market Preferences from Online Retail Product Information Matrices.” Journal of Retailing, 92 (4), 470-85.

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Mintz, Ofer, Imran S. Currim, Martijn de Jong, and Jan-Benedict Steenkamp (2019), “Managerial Metric Use in Marketing Decisions across 16 Countries: A Cultural Perspective” Journal of International Business Studies, Forthcoming.

Mintz, Ofer, Timothy J. Gilbride, Peter Lenk, and Imran S. Currim (2020), “The Right Metrics for Marketing-Mix Decisions.” International Journal of Research in Marketing. Forthcoming.

Deshpandé, Rohit, Ofer Mintz, and Imran S. Currim (2020), “Your Customers Have Changed. Here's How to Engage Them Again.” Published in Harvard Business School Working Knowledge Series and in Forbes.

Mintz, Ofer, Yakov Bart, Peter Lenk, and David Reibstein, “Drowning in Metrics: How Managers Select and Trade-off Metrics for Making Marketing Budgetary Decisions.”

Mintz, Ofer, Imran S. Currim, and Rohit Deshpandé, “Is Customer Orientation a Luxury of Rich Nations? Yes Indeed! But Only in Good Times.”

Healey, John and Ofer Mintz, “What if Your Owners Also Own Other Firms in Your Industry? The Relationship between Institutional Common-Ownership, Marketing, and Firm Performance.”

Mintz, Ofer and Gary Lilien, “The Effect of Systematic Marketing on Start-up Firm Valuation?”

Mintz, Ofer, Peter Lenk, and Yitong Wang, “Start-up Funding Decisions in the Eyes of Investors and Entrepreneurs: Effects of Co-Founders’ Functional Background”

Mintz, Ofer and Eric Knight, “Beyond Usual: [Six] Ways Leading Hi-Tech Firms diverge from Business as Usual.”

Mintz, Ofer, “Why Firms Spend the Way they do on Certain Functions: An Integrated Theoretical Framework to Explain Marketing, R&D, and Supply Chain Expenditures.”

GRANTS AWARDED: (only grants of over $10k shown)
1. A$16,000 from the University of Technology, Sydney for “Marketing’s Role in Start-up Firms: A Database for a Multi-Paper Project,” (2019-2020)

2. A$21,000 from the University of Technology, Sydney for “What is Marketing Mix Performance: Marketer, Top Management, and Investor Perspectives?” with Paul Burke, Christine Eckert, and Marc Fischer (2018-2019)

3. A$16,000 from the University of Technology, Sydney for “An Investigation on the Role of Marketing in Startups,” with Yitong Wang and Peter Lenk (2017-2018)

4. A$14,574 from the University of Technology, Sydney for “The Role of Marketing Involvements for Start-ups Funding and growth opportunities in China,” with Yitong Wang (2016)

5. $16,500 from the Marketing Science Institute for “How Managers make Trade-off between Metrics when making Marketing Decisions,” with Yakov Bart, Peter Lenk, and David Reibstein (2016)

6. $45,654 ($27,500 in grants +$18,154 in given research funds)for “Marketing Metric Use Around the World: A Cultural Perspective,” with Imran S. Currim and Jan-Benedict Steenkamp (2014); ($20,000 from MSI; $5,000 from Beall Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Paul Merage School of Business, University of California Irvine; $2,500 from Global Business Center, Kenan-Flagler College of Business, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

7. $14,873 for “What Drives Marketing Budget Sizes and Marketing Mix Allocation in Firms and How does it Impact Marketing and Firm Performance?” (2014); ($7,500 from the Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM) (2014); $7,373 from Louisiana State University Faculty Research Grant (2014))
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