Ofer Mintz | Senior Lecturer of Marketing | UTS Business School | University of Technology Sydney

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
-- Benjamin Franklin

A main motivation for Dr. Ofer Mintz to enter academia was to be able to teach and mentor students. Ofer's teaching areas of interest are marketing management/analytics, digital marketing, international marketing, and marketing's role in start-up firms.

Overall, he believes his main objective as an instructor is to provide students specialized skills and knowledge that will help them obtain or improve their job in the near future. In prior experiences as an instructor, Ofer's students seemed to genuinely appreciate his enjoyment and personal attachment to the subjects and has received teaching awards, high peer evaluation grades, and media coverage as a result.

AT UTS, Ofer is excited to have designed a new postgraduate course on Digital Marketing for Managers. This course is designed to provide students both knowledge on the subject and applicability to conduct digital marketing projects for their firms.

Further, in his digital marketing course at LSU, Ofer's students participated in “live-case ” presentations to executives at Nike Basketball, New Orleans Pelicans, Lamar Advertising, etc. and partnered with non-profits to perform search engine marketing. At the IDC Herzliya, Ofer supervised student $250 Google Adword campaigns for the Google Online Marketing Challenge that led to a 12 million NIS condominium sale (~$3.25 million), an increase of over 500% in website registrations for a start-up company, and three campaigns with over 1 million impressions (max=2.3 million), whose success was highlighted by the Times of Israel.  

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